Barrie Anger Counselling

Anger Counselling in Barrie

Does your anger scare you or someone else? Does it seem that you go from zero to 100 in no time at all? Is your anger festering inside? These scenarios could indicate that you struggle to express yourself and are stuck in an unproductive pattern of holding on to anger until it feels uncontrollable for you. I would like to help you learn to change your pattern of expressing yourself.

We are rarely angry for the reason we think. Anger is a signal and its worth listening to. It exists for a reason and deserves our respect because we all have a right to everything we feel and anger is no exception. Silencing anger is not the answer but neither is venting it in ways that are harmful. I can help you identify the true source of your anger, learn to catch your anger at the first signs of its arrival, and teach you skills in managing it.

Anger Management
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