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LGBTQ+ Therapy & Counselling in Barrie

Most health care providers are not trained in LGBTQ+ health needs and may not be sensitive to the particular health risks or knowledgeable about how to work with LGBTQ+ people. As an out gay woman, the LGBTQ+ community means something to me and my desire is to help this community grow stronger and healthier.

People in the LGBTQ+ community often struggle with the same stressors as straight people but the mental health of LGBTQ+ people is impacted by prejudice and discrimination which leads to higher rates of anxiety, depression and suicide. The impact of homophobia, transphobia, biphobia and systemic discrimination often lead to poor coping skills like addictions, eating disorders, being angry/violent, risk taking behaviours, isolating, and poor self care. My desire is to promote wellness by addressing your specific needs.

I offer a safe and welcoming environment whether you’re a member of the LGBTQ+ community or just seeking information about LGBTQ+ issues. You will benefit from my expertise and experience in addressing the mental and emotional needs of LGBTQ+ people and their families.

LGBTQ+ Stress Therapy
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