Sexual Abuse

Barrie Sexual Abuse Counselling

Sexual Abuse Counselling in Barrie

You have been violated in the most intimate of ways. I am here for you and want to help you build a sense of safety and take back what was stolen from you- your voice, your body, your power, feelings of happiness and safety. Maybe you have done some counselling in the past and thought it was behind you or maybe you had put it out of your mind and minimized the importance of the violation. If you feel stuck or are noticing that your feelings or memories are not going away, I can help.

I have trained in approaches that address all phases of trauma healing, from building safety and stabilization (through emotion regulation, distress tolerance, impulse control, and relational trust) to trauma processing, renegotiation and resolution. I want to help you re-pattern and teach your nervous system what it can feel like to be safe and stable using the skills I have honed in trauma resolution. I recognize the importance of working sensitively with survivors of trauma, abuse, and assault. It is not about “what is wrong with you” but “what has happened to you and how you’ve adapted to survive” and, more importantly, “what can we do to support your healing moving forward.”

If you chose, some of the work we do might include:
  • Exploring and/or restoring self-protective responses, such as orienting, fight, flight, freeze, surrender and submit
  • Understanding power and control dynamics
  • Systemic factors related to intergenerational trauma or trauma occurring in a particular group, community or institution
  • Restoring a more whole sense of self
  • Exploring anger, empowerment and healthy aggression
  • Building tolerance for discomfort as well as joy and pleasure
  • Looking at relationship and attachment with caregivers, friends, partners and colleagues
  • Developing greater present moment awareness, presence and attunement with others and restoring your ability to have flexible boundaries
Sexual Abuse Therapy
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